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Who We Are

Robert J Morais

Robert J. Morais is a Lecturer in the Marketing Division at Columbia Business School.

Timothy de Waal Malefyt

Timothy de Waal Malefyt is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Gabelli School of Business.

Elizabeth Briody

Elizabeth K. Briody founded Cultural Keys LLC in 2009, after more than two decades at General Motors R&D.

Allen Batteau

Allen W. Batteau is professor at Wayne State University's Department of Anthropology, and former director of the University's Institute for Information Technology and Culture.

Adam Gamwell

Web Designer and Manager

Adam Gamwell is a design anthropologist who designed and manages the Business Anthropology website. Working between applied and academic realms, his PhD work through Brandeis University focuses on science and technology, environmental design, food and sustainable agriculture. He is host, Creative Director, and Executive Producer for This Anthro Life Podcast, a public education initiative to bring social science tools and insight to wider publics. He is also a freelance ethnographic and design consultant. Follow him on Twitter @gamwell and @thisanthrolife or LinkedIn

Lauren Murfree

Lauren Murfree is an applied medical anthropologist specializing in the study of collaboration, social movements, public health and reproductive justice. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology and Public Health at Purdue University. Lauren’s present research focuses on cross-cultural collaboration and how secular and religious groups can/have collaborated. She has multiple years of experience in strategic planning for community outreach through group formation, public relations and campaign implementation. Follow her on Linkedin at: linkedin.com/in/lauren-murfree

Robert McCallum

Social Media Manager

Robert McCallum is a graduate student in business anthropology at Wayne State University and holds executive certificates in human resource management and workforce development from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Robert has worked in the advertising industry for 15 years and has developed branding copy for television, radio, digital, social media and print for clients that include General Motors, Travelocity, Harley-Davidson, the U.S. Postal Service, OnStar, U of M Ross Business School, the U.S. Department of Education, and UNICEF. 



Robert’s research interests include organizational culture, corporate values, and employee engagement. He is currently launching CultureBOLD, LLC, a consultancy that applies anthropological insights to develop strategies for positive organizational change.

Craig Meiners

Craig Meiners is currently a student at Wayne State University getting his Master’s in Business/Organizational Anthropology. His work currently focuses on understanding the intersection of practicing and academic business anthropology. Through this research he is working to create more accessible resources, for professors and students, to help train the next generations of practicing anthropologists. Craig’s other areas of interests are product development and human-centered design research. Following his graduation, Craig plans to become a practicing business anthropologist pursuing a career in product development. 

Matt Artz

Business & Design Anthropologist

Matt Artz is the founder and principal researcher at Azimuth Labs, an ethnographic research company offering product development, organizational culture, and corporate strategy consulting. Using ethnography, he helps organizations unlock hidden insights with users, employees, data, markets, and products.


Matt has led research, design, and agile product management efforts to ship and scale web and mobile products in the enterprise and consumer space. He has experience working in energy, biotechnology, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, entertainment, fashion, broadcasting, and nonprofit. Current customers of products he has led include public Fortune 50 companies, as well as a venture-funded startup featured on Apple’s TV show Planet of the Apps.


To give back to the anthropology, user experience (UX), and product community, Matt writes and volunteers. He writes extensively on his own website about the application of design anthropology to UX and product management, as well as contributing similar articles to UserZoom and other industry publications. He is a volunteer and guest host for the podcast, This Anthro Life where he discusses the application of anthropology to business, technology, and design.


Matt’s research interests include the application of anthropological thinking and sensemaking to direct-to-consumer genomics (DTCG) and big data.

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