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Professor of Practice Position at Purdue

Purdue has a Professor of Practice position open that would be great for business anthropologists. If you are interested, the job summary is below and you can click here for more information.

Job Summary: Purdue University’s Anthropology Department is seeking a dynamic in-residence Assistant Professor of Practice to expand our signature Anthropologies of Tomorrow (AOT) departmental initiative ( We focus on teaching and learning about crucial issues facing our world, building capacity for addressing issues, and preparing students for professional careers. As a leading-edge Anthropology department with a public service mission, we feature an exciting interface between students, faculty, practitioners, and community partners. This position offers the distinctive opportunity to be a change agent in imagining the field of Anthropology in a new way. We are interested in an individual with Applied/Practicing Anthropology experience and ideas for offering innovative training in emergent areas who can help us partner with numerous different work sectors and organizations. This position will build on our collaborations across colleges in key areas of Applied/Practicing Anthropology, e.g., technology, design, innovation, business/organization, health, environment, public heritage and education ( The Anthropology Department offers B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.

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