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Flipa is a Business Anthropology consultancy based in Bogotá, Colombia. Since 2014, the company has been shaping new realities for the organizational ream via a holistic approach using applied anthropology. The company’s objective is to shape products, services and experiences that are at the intersection of human narratives, contexts, and business needs and expectations.

Flipa has developed projects for companies such as ABINBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev), Colombian Banks, the National Enterprise Association in Colombia, amongst others. They develop organizational projects both for internal, as external clients. Some of them have focused on Change Management, User Experience Research, Service Design, Business Design, Product development, amongst others.

Working alongside different businesses, has shown Flipa that now, and in the future; it will become increasingly relevant for companies to understand, deepen and design strategies from human narratives, the dynamizations of the environment, and the traceability of the past-present and future scenarios of products and services.

For this reason, Flipa created the 1st Online Summit on Business Anthropology in Latam to be held from August 26 to August 28, 2020. The theme: Designing Possible Futures for the Organizational Realm.

The event aims at socializing new understandings on organizations by developing new hybrids ways of working between business and academia. The Summit will illustrate how anthropology is able to transcend research, and emerge as a design partner within the organizational realm.

The event will bring together 13 of the world leaders within Business Anthropology. Via business cases, perspectives around the future, and experiences; they will share how Business Anthropology is ready to be a change agent for businesses.

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