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Announcing "Design by Anthropologists" A New Blog from Business Anthro Partner NAPA

NAPA, the National Association of the Practice of Anthropology, is pleased to announce the launch of an informative and important monthly blog, “Design by Anthropologists.” The blog’s purpose is to chronicle current explorations in and developments around the interface of anthropology, design, user research and experience, usability research, and related endeavors. Follow the blog to see what this relatively new and quickly growing field is all about, and what career opportunities lie therein for anthropologists.

The first posting, which appeared on Tuesday, June 4, is “Do You Do UX Research?”: Articulating What We Do and Its Value to Clients by Amy Goldmacher, Ph.D. Amy’s post provides a useful starting point in understanding how to describe the purpose and value of user experience research to those (particularly potential employers) who might be unfamiliar with the concept. Along with a description of the field, a valuable part of the post is Amy’s own early experiences in describing the UX work that she does as an anthropologist, and how her approach can benefit a client and other stakeholders.

Amy’s post appears at

The monthly blog, written by anthropologists working in the field, will help capture the history of real-time and ongoing developments in this coalescing area of practice, thus providing a beneficial archive for future research and reflection. The blog will appear on the NAPA website homepage ( on the first Tuesday of every month, for the next 12 months.

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