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Business Anthropology Courses and Programs

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Department of Anthropology

MA (kandidat) in Business and Organizational Anthropology



University of Kentucky

Department of Anthropology

Offers undergraduate courses in business anthropology



University of Memphis

Department of Anthropology

Offers classes – organizational anthropology, directed readings in design anthropology,

practicum with local businesses in UX,

fellowships in business anthropology



University of North Texas
Department of Anthropology

MA/MS in Applied Anthropology

interest area in Business, Technology, & Design Anthropology

opportunity to take courses from the College of Business to fulfill requirements


Information about Design Anthropology course taught by Christina Wasson at the University of North Texas


Information about applied master’s program course Preparation for Practice and the Applied Thesis taught by Christina Wasson at the University of North Texas <link to>


Wayne State University

Department of Anthropology

MA and PhD Concentration in Business Anthropology

University of Pennsylvania

Certificate in Organizational Anthropology

Clemson University

Business Anthropology & Human Behavior Certificate

There are also courses that include or focus on business anthropology at the University of Minnesota, in the Duke University Sociology Department, and in business schools at Fordham University, Columbia University, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of South Carolina. Ethnography, decoupled from anthropology, is taught in business schools and design programs, as well as in other academic departments.

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