Global Business Anthropology Summit
July 17-19 2020
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Freie Universität Berlin

Are We Ready For 2030? How about 2080?


Join a growing global network of anthropologists, organizations, and businesses.

Exchange experiences and strategies.

Learn from each other and prepare for new challenges of a sustainable future.

Anthropological research has long had a way of identifying and framing people's responses to the radical shifts of the day and of the future. Collaborations with forward thinking businesses can advance product development, UX, safety culture, diversity and inclusion and more.

The Summit offers hands-on workshops, keynotes by luminaries in business and business anthropology,
and discussions about what we want tomorrow to look like.

Bring your ideas, concerns and interests about these and more ...

Digitization   Privacy   Supply chain   Technology   Mobility   Taxation

... and come away with new knowledge, new tools and new ways to prepare for a sustainable future.

Workshops and sessions
TBA mid November
...stay tuned!
American Anthropological Association


This web page has been created by Berlin based anthropologists engaged in using anthropology in different ways. The Global Business Anthropology Summit, held annually, in different places in the world, is a collaboration among anthropologists from an array of professional environments across a global network. The aim of this network is to continue to draw out and learn from the experiences of these practitioners, exposing new ways and conditions for collaborating with different institutions, organizations, and companies, using anthropology in work. Each year's Summit is hosted in a new cultural setting in the world and brings together new participants from all sectors, in informal and slightly formal interactive ways.